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Stella Maris in Bologna, Italy, organized another weekend on Karma and Forgiving met Dr. R. Gorter.

Usually once a year, Stella Maris offers a weekend seminar with Prof. Dr. Robert Gorter. One of the usual themes is “Karma and Forgiving.”

Another weekend seminar took place on the weekend of April 15th and 16th, 2023.

During early morning till late afternoon, there were lectures by Dr. Gorter in alternation with painting classes.

The atmosphere was very warm and the students very attentive. First of all, various aspects of Karma were discussed and examples given. Personal karma, groups’ karma, the karmic cause of epidemics, whether the Hierarchies create their own karma, etc. One good example of karma created by a profession is when any officer or general in an army, who, at the battlefield, sent by his commands soldiers into their death of mutilation. One day, this officer or general must reincarnate as a medical doctor, to undo what he initiated as a commander centuries or even millenniums before. Some examples were given.

The ultimate goal for Mankind Development is to develop FREEDOM as in the cosmos, there is no freedom. All Gods are somehow subdue to the laws of Karma. The Hierarchies yearn for freedom and mankind has to develop just that and share that with all hierarchies. Among the tools to develop freedom is to practice and develop the capacity of forgiving.

St. John the Evangelist let the Christ say in his Gospel: “One day, Man will sit at the right hand of God.”


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