The intimate and living experience of rudolf Steiner's Essence of Colors is the substrate on which the Stella Maris Method is active, which stems from the fruitful long-standing collaboration between the arttherapist Carla Borri and the doctor Angelo Antonio Fierro; it has impressed the characteristics of a meeting between rigorous scientificity and life-giving creativity that places at the center the protection of the human Being.

The Stella Maris method uses the watercolor technique and proposes the use of semi-dense color; you work from sitting on the dry sheet activating the will to do as a possibility to exercise the "safety of the unknown".

The Stella Maris method is a path marked in well-orchestrated phases that accord to the vital processes to accompany the customer in his transformation.

The opening of this path involves four basic exercises plus a free one that serve to conduct the preliminary observational survey to create the orientational image of the individual. It is these discipline exercises that recall the archetypal gestures of colors that Steiner calls Splendour. The one who paints thus shows himself in his freedom to be able or not to be able to follow the directions received; from this comes the opportunity to grasp the individual problems in place, that is, the imbalances that are at the origin of his difficulty.

All this is made objective and objective through a method of reading the works that follows the creative process of the client in tandem and is based on criteria that sink the meaning into the laws of Art, not encroaching on the psychological sphere or Interpretative.

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