The Statute of the Association

Art.1 Naming
According to Articles 36 and ss of the civil code, the Association "Stella Maris" (later called Association), a non-profit association, is formed.

Art.2 Seat
The Association is based in Bologna

Art.3 Purposes of the association
The promotion of study and research at an anthroposophical address in the field of social hygiene and art therapy. The education, management and support of the school of anthroposophilic art therapy "Stella Maris";

The promotion of the cultural enrichment of members and the dissemination of the principles of anthroposophy through conferences, training courses, conferences, exhibitions, concerts and any other activities suitable to pursue the purpose of the association;

The creation and management of each initiative aimed at training art therapists with an anthroposophical address.

For these purposes, it will be able to establish courses, schools, scholarships, edit books and handouts, record both printed and televised newspapers and manage them, it will be able to sign agreements with newspapers, periodicals, broadcasters, universities state and private institutions, public and private institutions to carry out internships and refresher courses; it will be able to conclude leases and leases for equipment and any other means of social purposes. You will be able to join associations, bodies and partnerships; will be able to carry out any other activity that directly and indirectly is useful for the training of therapists.

Art.6 Financial means
The Association draws the means to finance its activities from the shares of members, from the contributions of individuals, companies, associations, public and private bodies, from olations, from bequests, from devoids, from liberality.

Art.7 Corporate bodies
They are the association's bodies:
The shareholders' meeting;
The Board of Directors

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