1) Premise

The Board of Directors of the Stella Maris Cultural Association, owner of the management of the eponymous training institution in art therapy as by art.3 of thep1020487_regolamento-text
Statute, appointed Mrs Carla Borri as head of the indefinite training institution. The maintenance of the program will be regulated and managed by a College of Managers. This College will follow the rules set out in the Association's Statute. The College, therefore, as head of training, will have to decide on the admission or removal of candidates as well as the choice of new teachers.

2) Training of the College of Managers

Carla Borri had the right to appoint the members of the College of Heads of the school currently formed by : Borri Carla, Dr. Fierro Angelo Antonio, Dr. Di Meglio Vincenza, Gasparini Claudia, Bellucci Titian, Bergianti Maria Luisa, Collina Marinella Il College reserves:
the choice of additional teachers and the replacement of them for serious reasons;
the possible choice of other managers in the years to come. The role of managers is dashe if cooperation with the training institution ceases.

3) Admission mode

The main purpose of the training institution is to adequately prepare people who aspire to become "Anthroposophic-address arter according to the Stella Maris method" and to obtain the certificate of the European Academy for Anthroposophical Art (EA) Therapies), intending to practice the profession of arttherapist applied to painting. The training institution is also open to those who more simply wish to approach the anthroposophic content for a personal interest and can be exempted from the tasks required: in this case it will receive only a certificate of attendance.
The person who wants to be admitted to attend:

  • must not be under 24 and have a higher secondary degree, except for exceptions validated by the College of Responsibles.
  • must participate in the public presentation of the training course for arttherapist during which there is a practical test of watercolor painting, or have participated at least once as a listener in a lesson where exercises of the Stella method were held Maris, except for exceptions validated by the College of Responsibles
  • you must have an individual interview with the Head teacher or teacher you appointed, carrying a photo ID with you.

4) How to register

  • subscribing to and filling out forms and school regulations
  • membership of the association
  • photocopy of an identification document
  • photocopy of the tax code
  • payment of the registration fee
  • 3 card photos

The training institution does not provide for the closed number for now. It will welcome as many participants as the College of Responsibles will consider that it can prepare properly. The person who, for reasons of various nature, will not be able to participate full-time in the courses, can be admitted as a "Hearing" for up to three meetings throughout the year. All students are called, at the conclusion of the seminary, to the reordering and cleaning of the hall, an activity considered educational both from the educational point of view for the preparation of the setting, and as a capacity for integration in the group.

5) Stages of artistic and therapeutic art

5/A ) Study plan

The four-year training course consists of a first two years of artistic character and a second two-year period of an art therapy character. At the end of the first year, by the end of August, you must have completed the tasks assigned.

At the end of the first two years of training, which ends at the end of August, a certificate of artistic training enabling the conduct of artistic courses is issued, as long as the following conditions are met:

  • having presented the photographic documentation of 250 pictorial exercises of the method exercised at home
  • have submitted the exercises (minimum of 25) assigned by the manager, for a personal journey
  • have drawn up the required papers over the two-year period
  • having attended at least 90 hours
  • having delivered an elaborate bound (exercise book) of the pictorial experience of the exercises carried out throughout the 2nd year, according to the essence of the colors of R. Steiner. Those who continue must be on a par with points1/2/3/4 by the end of May; The exercise notebook should only be presented as a draft.

The second two years, with an arttherapeutic character, can be accessed if 5 of the above conditions have been fulfilled. Those who come from other anthroposophilic art therapy training, and are interested in specializing according to the Stella Maris method, will have to apply to the College of Responsibles. The College of Responsibles reserves the right to include pupils from other anthroposomal formations depending on the curriculum of studies presented by recovering the exercises of the method carried out in the first two years in the mode that the College will find most suitable . The second two years end with the discussion of the final draft and delivers in 3 copies of the same (2 in paper, 1 on CD-ROM) and a copy of the method notebook.
It is necessary before the presentation of the thesis title to have:

  • attended seminars with a presence of at least 90 at the
  • presented an additional 50 method painting exercises (tot.300)
  • presented the additional exercises of personal path (minimum No.25) and delivered to voicemail the photos in the required terms (total 350)
  • delivered all required papers
  • presented the notebook of the Stella Maris Method (constitutes the completion of the notebook of pictorial exercises) and can be written both by hand and with PC.
  • internship hours, in the contracted and/or recognised locations, and delivered the relevant reports.
  • presented, 6 months before the debate, the title of the final draft by e-mail and requested acceptance by the tutors.
  • delivered to the rapporteurs the final draft of the final draft by e-mail at least one month before the debate; it is advisable to anticipate chapters as they are written

With the presentation of the final draft is issued by the training institution Stella Maris the Certificate of discussion of the final draft, issuing the title of "Arttherapist to anthroposophical address according to the Stella Maris method" that enables the conducting both artistic and hygienic-therapeutic meetings or individual art therapy sessions in collaboration with doctors and psychotherapists.

5/B) Interviews

In the first two years, three compulsory educational talks are planned in the second two-year period. The four-year programme may change. For organizational needs, some teachings may be taught in later years and in places other than the one indicated. The bibliography will be indicated during the training year.

5/C ) Internship

p1020520_regolamento-textThe school activates and guarantees the internship hours required by the curriculum. The internship is structured in two phases: the first phase during the 3rd year with passive observation internships, the second phase in the 4th year with practical active internships. The first phase must precede the second stage. The required amount of hours is 500 hours in total (of which 50 minutes and 50 active internships), including the organization and carrying out of the internship, supervision and drafting of the reports. The hours are 45 minutes each. Active internships include initial supervision, with presentation of the project, and final supervision in which the pictorial papers and the report are to be presented. In art internships, supervises them on classrooms; For internships of character or hygienic-therapeutic or arttherapeutic-individual, supervision must also be done with the doctor on the days established in the calendar. The internship can be started at the end of the first two years provided that all the conditions of paragraph 5/A have been met and fulfilled. The delivery of the report on the patients observed during the internship must take place within two months of the end of the internship, otherwise the internship will not be considered valid.

5/D ) Final process


Only those who are on par with the tasks assigned and the pictorial exercises viewed and photographed (No.300 plus 50 exercises of the personal journey) can present the title of the final draft. It is possible to bring as the theme of the final elaborate work born from an intimate and concrete artistic-figurative experience on the "Stella Maris Method" (founded by Carla Borri and Dr. Angelo Antonio Fierro, based on pictorial exercises according to "The essence of colors" by Rudolf Steiner.) Intimate and concrete means everything that leads to consolidation in the future "arttherapist of color" the practice and method of artistic-therapeutic in all its aspects. It is understood that knowledge of pictorial-therapeutic practice remains an indispensable reference point, while other artistic-figurative experiences have value in integrating or expanding the first and never replacement of this, the founding land of all the work. During the school year, pupils will be notified of the date to deposit the title of the final draft. You are required to apply for approval of the title of the final draft and the speakers (a doctor and an artetherapist) at least 6 months before the discussion. The College reserves the right to welcome it and provide further guidance; The draft of the draft must be presented from the drafting of the overall plan of the same (the future "index") at the only meeting with the two speakers; in the following, the student will send from time to time the draft chapters with the numbered pages, which the tutors undertake to review giving further suggestions. The draft must be submitted to the rapporteurs to be validated at least one month before the debate.

What the final elaborate looks like

It must be written to the computer. The first part must introduce the argument. The main part must describe, based on what has been learned, the research that will be processed independently and verified with clinical practice. The last part is the conclusion. You need to specify what results the path has given with the customer. It also describes how the subject of investigation contributed to a greater understanding of color art therapy. The length of the work must be 70. 90 pages. On the day of discussion, 3 copies (2 printed, 1 on CD-ROM) 1 for the rapporteur, 1 for SIAF Italy registration and 1 for Stella Maris should be presented.


The discussion of the final drafts will take place in two sessions: autumn in the 4th year, and spring with registration for the year of recovery on the conditions of having fulfilled all the requests of point 5/C. Each session will have a minimum number of two students and a maximum number of six per day.

S.I.A.F. Examination and Certificate of Stella Maris Training Institution

As the training institution is enrolled in SIAF Italy with No. SC 101/11 concession will be present a Commissioner of its own who will test the preparation of all candidates relative to the "Deontological Code" and the "Informed Consent" to coincide with the day of discussion of the final elaborations of the autumn session if the number of participants necessary to incur the costs is reached, if this is not possible the examination will be taken in another body of the S.I.A.F. circuit. Instead of the examination of the code of ethics and informed consent, those who complete the course will receive the Certificate of the training institution with the qualification of "Arttherapist at an anthroposophical address according to the Stella Maris method". The costs of registration SIAF Italia, which gives the right to any registration to the professional registers, will be communicated at the presentation of the title of the final draft.

5/E) International Certificate of the European Academy (E.A.)

In order to access the European Academy for Anthroposophical Art Therapies (EA) international certificate, two properly supervised clinical cases must be submitted within two years of discussing their dissertation.

5/F) Suspension of training

If the student is required to suspend school ingenuous education for a certain period and to delay the completion of the entire school course, the College will accept the application but reserve the right to provide for a further When it is expressed that it will be willing to resume its commitment with the training institution to conclude its training. From this interview, the College reserves the right to decide what to request in order to complete the course of study and access the discussion of the final draft. It will have priority and impact on the assessment, the previous path actually carried out, the duration of the suspension and the extent of the distance from the cognitive and experiential content acquired during the frequency.

Intermediate recovery task:

It may be necessary, according to the student, to suspend the route after the first, second or third year. In this case you will have to attend at least 3 seminars (1 every 3 months) that can also be those to be recovered (at a discounted cost) during the school year, in order not to lose the thread with the training and complete the pictorial exercises and the elaborate by enrolling in the year of recovery in order to continue the training course. Elaborate and pictorial exercises will have to be delivered by the end of the month of May of the year of recovery in order to fit in the path in September.

Final recovery task:

To complete the four-year training course, there will be an additional year for those who fail to complete the training course described above within the deadline. In order to benefit from this recovery, you must register with both the Stella Maris Cultural Association and the year of "Recovery Activities to complete the four-year training path". The cost is communicated at the time of registration. It is possible to recover absences by attending seminars at a discounted cost of 50 percent of the audience share. If the student does not submit his dissertation by the 5th year, he or she is required to attend the fourth year.

6) Course participation fee

Enrollment in the training course is annual and also involves the registration of the Cultural Association "Stella Maris", with payment of the relevant annual membership fee including the civil insurance policy. Pupils in the third and fourth year who wish to use public or private facilities that require accident insurance to carry out the internship can activate it through the Association; the cost is communicated at the time of the request.

7) Payments

The training year starts in September and ends in May/June of each year (except the 1st year)
The non-attendance of the course, from any given cause, does not require the registration of the payment of the entire amount agreed, having the institution provided for the implementation of the commissioned service. The payment must be made in installments in the manner indicated in the contract; costs and deadlines will be communicated at the time of the application for admission to the year of attendance. The payment of the single instalment must take place indefinitely at the specified deadlines. Different payment methods are accepted on an explicit request. In case of difficulty in meeting the deadlines, it is required to give urgent and timely communication to the treasury.
During the four-year course period, the annual rate will be updated according to the ISTAT inflation rate.

8) Recognition

The training institution is recognized by the S.I.M.A. (Italian Society of Anthroposophical Medicine) and issues a Certificate in "Art therapy of color to anthroposophical address according to the Stella Maris method". He is a member of the European Academy for Anthropophical Art Therapies (EA) which issues the International Certification Anthroposophic Art Therapies under the conditions set out in step 5/e

8/a) SIAF Italy affiliate of the training institution

The training institution, in turn, obtained from SIAF Italy the affiliation with concession number SC 101/11 thus giving the opportunity to students who have concluded the path of affiliate as "Arttherapists of color to anthroposophical address according to the Stella Maris Method". The Director of the Stella Maris training institution, Carla Borri, has been accredited by SIAF Italia as A Counselor Trainer (cert. ER144 T - CG) and as AUDIT (cert. DP 048) The training institution closely follows developments in the issue of the recognition of the professional figure of art-therapist in the national context and is committed to keeping the students informed of the course of any developments in the field.

9) Relationships between the bodies of the training institution

The training institution will ensure in the broadest forms any communication and information between the various components. The exchange of communications and information with students will be actively pursued and may always request a meeting with the Board of Directors of the Stella Maris Association and/or with the College of Managers. In turn, the Board of Directors of the Stella Maris Association and/or the College of Managers will be able to promote consultation meetings and information with students.

10) Donations – Scholarships

The Stella Maris Association is currently able to raise funds for the creation of a single scholarship for those who have made a reasoned request, as support for the expenditure necessary for training. These grants will only be awarded to deserving students.

11) Competent forum

For any dispute, the parties accept the jurisdiction of the Bologna Forum, which they identify as an exclusive forum.