The Stella Maris Association promotes the activity of study and research with anthroposophical address in the field of social hygiene and art therapy, pulsing the cultural enrichment of members and the dissemination of the principles of Anthroposophy through conferences, dissemination and training courses, conferences, exhibitions, concerts.

The Stella Maris Association it also pursues every other activity suitable to give a concrete answer to those who question the need to walk a path towards that free will that is increasingly weakened in our technical culture, creating an inner emptiness, by This is not only a negative impact on individual health, but also on the quality of life in its community and on its territory.

For the human being who has conscience, emotions, feels feelings and lives in a certain social context increasingly difficult from the point of view of the quality of life, the anthroposophical methodological approach knows and analyzes the interactions that are proper to each of us and tries to stimulate a greater sense of responsibility and attention towards our psychophysical balance and lifestyle, to arrive at a healthy, balanced, fruitful and constructive self-knowledge also for the environment in which we live.

The Stella Maris Association in particular supports the education, management and professional path of the Training Institute in anthroposophical art therapy "Stella Maris" aimed at the creation and management of every initiative aimed at the training of Artetherapists in various artistic disciplines (painting, music) with anthroposophical address.

For example, you can delve into the biennial Art Training Course for anyone who wants to find the "way to the spiritual".

Or you can discover the Quadriennial Therapeutic Art Training Course,if you want to build a profession, help others, increase your specializations if you already armies.

If you want to get closer to the world of music, you can discover how it can also be an important therapeutic source.