Age not less than 24 years, except for exceptions validated by the College of Responsibles.

High school or high school degree.

Anyone is admitted to the first two years of artistic training.

Attendance as a listener in previous years entitles preemption.

The explicit request to deepen the artistic therapeutic vocation in the field: artistic, educational, preventive, welfare, rehabilitative, or as a personal path.

The shared reading of the chapter "THE TRAIL OF THE CONOSCENCE" in Opera Omnia No. 9 Theosophy by Rudolf Steiner.


To enroll in the first year of training

you need to set up a simple cognitive interview with

director Carla Borri:

check that interviews are open all year round on this page

and contact us by filling out the convenient form

The annual tuition includes the artistic material provided by Stella Maris in the scheduled meetings;

This material is chosen for its particular natural and valuable qualities.

The costs of any handouts, photocopies and texts indicated by the teachers are not included.



The cost of enrolment in training is 150.00 euros. For entries received after June 30, 2019, the registration fee is .250.00.

Annual membership of the association: 30.00 euros

The annual cost of training is 2,780.00 euros (including insurance and artistic material used in the classroom).

You can use one of the following methods for payment:

With a unique solution:

  • discount of 7 to be paid by June 30, 2019 :
  • 3 discount to be paid by July 31, 2019 - 2,700.00


1st Rata : 780.00 to be paid by the opening day of the School's academic year (September 2019).

Balance : : :

  • 31 July 2019 to be paid by September 2019, or
  • 4 installments from 500.00 (October-December 2019 - February-April 2020, or:
  • 7 monthly instalments from October 2019 to April 2020

We have prepared a number of economic benefits: see the Facilities page for more information

Payment can be made:
by bank transfer to the People's Bank of Milan on a bank account
IBAN IT04D05034024340000000307

via post bulletin on CCP 7727604