After completing the path of the first two years of artistic training, you can access the second two years of therapeutic art. Through the deepening of medical aspects and therapeutic art, a high-level professionalism is formed that works for the protection of the human Being using art as a means of re-harmonization of the person in a salutagenic perspective. Stella Maris follows an interdisciplinary approach between scientific, psychological and pedagogical aspects in relation to medicine and art.

The training course is conceived on the Stella Maris Method founded by Carla Borri,arttherapist, and Dr. Angelo Antonio Fierro, anthropophanophyte doctor. The mastery of an art form, developed through a path of self-education and accompanied by the study of the evolutionary stages of the human being,allows the development of the essential and important qualities of"listening, empathy, humility and courage". The student's self-education work,which is cultivated through the practice of "6 exercises", Rudolf Steiner's meditation "For the Age of Michael" and the "Octupian Path" is particularly important.

Those from other anthroposophilic art therapy training can also apply for admission to the second two years, and are interested in specializing according to the Stella Maris method. The College of Responsibles reserves the right to evaluate the request according to the curriculum of studies presented.

For more information, see the page describing the registration methods and the Training Stages Regulations page

A total of 2500 hours from 45 minutes

img_2241_quadriennale-text320 hours of theoretical lessons: art/science, art history, medicine, anthropological medicine, psychiatry, psychology, pedagogy, anthropology, guided study of anthroposophy: "Occult Science" and "Philosophy of Freedom" (Rudolf Steiner), participation in thesis, tutoring of thesis.

400 hours of practical lessons: watercolor painting according to the " Stella
Maris Method
"; complementary artistic subjects of : eurythmia, modeling, drawing of forms, singing, art of the word, dark light, notebook of matter of the Metodo Stella Maris.

1,400 hours of hands-on training:300 hours of painting tests (exercises of the Stella Maris Method,with mandatory photographic documentation) - 50 exercises as a personal path; 400 internship hours; 300 hours of internship reports; 400 hours of thesis 380 hours of individual study documented.

Consult the 2019 - 2020 Curriculum to understand the completeness of our offer.

Follow your Igenic-Therapeutic Training Certificate. Perform your active or passive internships

From the third year on, active and/or passive internshipsare required.

Stella Maris is active and guarantees the possibility to carry out the internship hours required by the curriculum at contracted facilities . Here you can find an article that describes the internship at the Sant'Anna Institute in Bologna.

At the end of the third year, once the training hours provided by the regulation have been completed, it is possible to conclude the course by following a "Igenic-Therapeutic Training Certificate".

The training process must be completed by the fourth year with the discussion of the final draft in front of the Faculty College and its final delivery.

The theme is agreed with the tutors chosen by the student, who will accompany the student accompanying him during the drafting.

There is an additional year of recovery activities for those who are unable to complete the training course on time.

At the end of the path, a certificate of Arttherapist of color to anthroposophical address according to the Stella Maris method recognized by theEA (European Academy for Anthroposophical Art Therapies, of which Stella Maris is a member), from the Medicine Section of the School of Spirit Science of Goetheanum,Dornach (Switzerland), from the SIAF Italy and S.I.M.A.. (Italian Society of Anthroposomorphic Medicine).

Check the Recognition page or contact us to book a cognitive interview or to get more information: we will respond immediately.