An SPERIMENTALE YEAR: The two-year artistic training course can be attended even for a year by those who had a simple cognitive-experiential interest,with the ability to continue the training and complete the training.

ACCREDIT OF PART OF FORMATION: For those who already had anthroposophical training and were interested in the Stella Maris course of study, they can apply to the Faculty College to evaluate the recognition of part of the training carried out in relation to the lessons of the 1st two years of artistic training.

A YEAR OF RECUPER: It may be necessary, according to the student, a temporary suspension of the route after the first, second or third year. In this case, you are expected to register a year of recovery during which you will have to attend at least 3 seminars (at a discounted cost), in order not to lose the thread with the training, and complete the pictorial exercises and the missing works in order to continue, after the year of recovery, the path of study. In addition, an additional year of training is provided for those who fail to complete the training process described above within the deadlines.

There are custom payment methods: we give the possibility to manage payments according to the special needs or needs of the student.

In particular:

  • The cost ofenrolment in the School is 200.00 euros but for registrations received by 15 June the registration fee is reduced to Euro 150.00


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