arttherapy-flowers-springStella Maris has been recognized by the EA (European Academy for Anthroposophical Art Therapies) of which she is a member, works in accordance with EA guidelines and is recognized by the Medicine Section of the School of Spirit Science of Goetheanum, Dornach (Switzerland).

Stella Maris is recognized by the S.I.M.A. (Italian Society of Anthroposophic Medicine) and is enrolled in SIAF Italy with code No. SC 101/11 thus giving the opportunity to students who have completed the training to be enrolled in their professional registers of "Artetherapists".

The Director of Stella Maris, Carla Borri, has been registered by SIAF Italy as Arteterapeuta Arteterapeuta Supervisor (ER006 S-AR ) and Auditor (DP 048).

Stella Maris closely follows developments in the issue regarding the regulation of the professional figure of the art therapist in the national context and is committed to keeping the students informed of the course of any developments in the field.

Recognition by the EA

The profession of Artetrapeuta is governed in Italy by the law 4/2013 of 14/01/2013 in which the Ministry of Economic Development, with the advice of the Unification Professions CNA (Unification Body), has developed the profiles of different unregulated professions with a view to protection for both professionals and consumers.

The law has done justice to previously unrecognized professional categories, such as that of Arttherapists, archaeologists and osteopaths who are already required to comply with the above law: firstly indicating in their documents "professional disciplined by law 4/2013" .

In the 11 articles of the law, the professional is regulated by the registration of professional lists of forms of association (in the case of non-professional register) certified ISO 9001 that supervise the professional's work through the accession to a shared code of ethics and the practice of continuing vocational training through the attendance of updates that include the attribution of ECP (Continuing Professional Education).

In this way, Stella Maris has been registered since 2011 in the professional registers of SIAF Italia cod. SC 101/11 and, therefore, those who have obtained the certificate right-in-law enter the faculty to register for the aforementioned professional lists of Arttherapists.

SIAF Italia is a UNI member, which drafts the NORMA, i.e. the exact definition and characteristics that the profession of arttherapist must have in order to be recognized at European level, certified ACCREDIA (Italian accreditation body) and has started the "It's a very sad day for the uk," he said.

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