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quick call

051 19984271

Voicemail opening hours

Mondays through Fridays, 9 a.m. to 1 p.m.


Via Saffi 30, Bologna

How to get there

From the railway station

To get to the venue from the train station you can take the bus 81/91/35 and get off at the SAFFI stop, cross the road and go back 200mt. Or you can take bus 36 and get off at the VITTORIO VENETO stop.


FROM FIRENZE AND MILAN A1: take the BOLOGNA–CASALECCHIO exit and then the ring road towards BOLOGNA CENTRO. Exit at no.2 BORGO PANIGAL. at the roundabout take the 1st exit on Togliatti Avenue, heading towards Bologna. At the roundabout take the 2nd exit always on Togliatti Avenue. Pass on the Bacchelli/Togliatti bridge. At the roundabout take the 2nd exit: Gandhi Street. Continue on Tolmino Street. Turn right into Sabotino Street. Turn left on Nearby Avenue. Turn left on Via Saffi.

FROM PADOVA A13: take the BOLOGNA-ARCOVEGY exit and then the ring road towards SAN LAZZARO. Exit at No.7 VIA STALINGRADO. Continue on Stalingrad Street to the bridge and then turn right onto Masini Avenue. Continue to Saffi Gate and turn right on Via Saffi.

FROM ANCONA A14: take the BOLOGNA-SAN LAZZARO exit and continue on the ring road towards BOLOGNA-CASALECCHIO. Exit at No.7 VIA STALINGRADO and follow as above.

Nearby car parks

GARAGE EUROPE: Via Della Ghisiliera 18 tel. 051 523551 - 051 7176398

TANARI PARKING: Via Tanari 17 - tel. 051 520212

PARK SAFFI: Via Aurelius Saffi 40

Parking Saffi contracted
: Via Aurelius SAFFI, 40 in front of HOTEL ELITE. You enter from the automatic bar by withdrawing the ticket: cross the street, present the ticket to the reception of the HOTEL ELITE, pay 5.00 euros and collect the exit ticket.

Don Orion

Address: Via Bainsizza, 18,

40133 Bologna

Phone: 051 614 5224

Elite Hotels

Address: Via Aurelio Saffi, 36,

40131 Bologna

Phone: 051 649 1432

Mirabilia Golden Rentals

Address: Via Aurelio Saffi, 16,

40131 Bologna

Phone: 380 142 2621

Room And Breakfast Red Branch

Address: Via Col di Lana, 11,

40131 Bologna

Phone: 347 251 0530

We Bologna (campus and hostels)

69/14 Carracci Street,

40129 Bologna

Phone: 051 0397900

University residence "Sacred Heart"

Address: St Stephen's Street, 63

40125 Bologna

Phone: 051 226808