Art therapy anthropososthes

Oriented to the "greetings", which studies the sources of vitality, psychic and spiritual, Arttherapy with anthroposophical address means disorders and malaise, as a disharmony whereby the human being is forced to withdraw, to separate, to divide from his psycho-physical unit. Rehabilitation is the reuniting of what had disunited,recreating the original totality.

Art therapy with anthroposophical address is a non-verbal approach that promotes salutagenesis, promotes rebalancing and a condition of psycho-physical fullness. It is based on the observation of the person, his creative process and the artistic elaboration.

Pictorial doing becomes that non-verbal language through which to read the animic-emotional condition, and organic-vital. In the act of painting the Arttherapist recognizes all the processes that take place in the organs as processes of color, and any imbalance or suffering is considered as corruption or deviation from the pure color that lies behind the corresponding vital process.


Since antiquity, healing meant recreating the lost unity by approaching the archetypal image of the creative forces of celestial origin, from which to receive new regenerating and life-regenerating impulses. Anthroposomorphic art therapy aims to activate these same life-giving impulses so that not only the physical-vital resources, but also the forces of the heart are involved in the effort of healing.

In the individual and very personal palette of color-biographical combinations present in each of us it is possible to artistically read the individuality that lies there, and in the present clouded by suffering, and glimpse in the temporal unfolding of the the healing of the healer waiting to be unveiled.

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